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LYFE Kitchen

26 Nov

A restaurant serving items like a Farmer’s Market Frittata, Kabocha Squash Risotto, and a Kale-Banana Smoothie typically wouldn’t lead one to assume that it had any type of connection with one of the largest fast food companies in the world. Yet LYFE Kitchen just may be the exception to that rule.

The brainchild of former McDonald’s president and chief operating officer, Mike Roberts, LYFE Kitchen represents the newest addition to the ever-expanding fast food world. Offering both restaurant-style food options as well as some grocery store items, the company strives to “promote sustainability,” working with suppliers that provide healthier and ethically-sourced products. “LYFE” is an acronym for love your food everyday, a message that the company encourages their customers to practice on a daily basis.

Yet, LYFE Kitchen does not simply aim to do well just in the kitchen. They are also committed to helping the general public become more knowledgeable about nutrition. In their words, they are just trying to engage our “Sixth Sense,” or our “intrinsic desire to do what’s right.”

LYFE Kitchen does so by implementing environmentally sound architectural designs for their Ca, sourcing ingredients responsibly, utilizing green packaging for grocery store items, as well as donating a portion of their proceeds to charities that focus on bettering the health, nutrition, and overall wellness of communities through the U.S.

Roberts recognizes the differences between McDonald’s and LYFE Kitchen, yet is grateful for his nearly 30 year stint there. Roberts says, “I had a great experience at McDonald’s. Now I want to bring farmers, growers, and restaurateurs together. That’s what I am about.”

ff_lyfekitchens4_fThe product of two seemingly disparate trends in today’s food world–fast food speed and nutritious sustainability–LYFE Kitchen is all about enjoying food while doing good for both your body and the world. Although there are only two locations in California as of now, the company plans to expand with ten more locations in the next year, in cities like New York and Chicago.

LYFE Kitchen has managed to become an exemplar model of an eco-friendly fast food restaurant. Hopefully, other restaurants of the same structure will strive to be as socially conscious as they are.

For more information about the origins of LYFE Kitchen, read a recent interview with Roberts from Wired magazine.

Photos courtesy of lyfekitchen.com and wired.com

Massive recycling event in Times Square

18 Apr

presentation_image_great_recycle_times_square.png.492x0_q85_crop-smartStarting bright and early on Monday morning, April 30th from 8am-6pm, Honest Tea will be hosting “The Great Recycle” in the heart of Times Square “as a call-to-action to boost recycling rates, with the ultimate goal to recycle every bottle we produce each year by 2020.” They plan to erect a 30 foot tall recycling bin on 44th street and Broadway, with the goal of collecting up to 45,000 bottles (which roughly equates to the amount of Honest Tea bottles they sell in NYC per day).

They will then repurpose the bottles for use in citywide gardening projects to help support urban farming in our communities. As a reward for those folks who show up, they will give out gifts for every bottle you bring (so start saving them up).  1 bottle = 1 point, and with 100 points you could win a bag from Patagonia or a yoga mat, and with 1,000 points you could win a Citizen Bike or a Taylor guitar!

Photo courtesy of treehuger

Tune in TODAY at 12pm to the Leonard Lopate Show on WNYC (93.9FM & 820AM)

10 Dec

Visionary Councilwoman and speaker Christine C. Quinn will be on the air to discuss “FoodWorks” – the report her office recently released outlining a bold, new, doable plan for improving NYC’s food system.

The 59 proposals in the NYC Council’s FoodWorks plan address key issues at every phase of the system – from agricultural production all the way through to consumption and post-consumption.

Listeners will be able to call in to the show, so if you’re near a radio today at noon, please tune in.  The call-in number is (646) 829-3985.  Share your thoughts about the plan!

For more information on FoodWorks, click here or visit us online at www.council.nyc.gov.