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Ode to the onion

2 Feb

Can you imagine food – with it’s continually evolving life cycle –  being used as currency? Imagine how this would shift our culture and appreciation of  food and the Earth. The Romans and Chinese used salt as currency, the Aztecs cacao, and the ancient Egyptians used to pay the workers who built the great pyramids, with onions!  They were so special, that they even buried their dead, with these symbolic and coveted onions. Imagine the care and attention that the onions must have received. Respected for their medicinal qualities and cherished for the symbolism inherent in their form –  the spherical onion, with layers and circles was thought to represent infinity. We are shining the limelight on onions this month as we sauté them up with peppers, add them to soup stocks and caramelize them to top our burgers.

Although often considered spicy, when cooked they are incredibly sweet. Chop them and brush with olive oil and sea salt and bake. Or, drop a whole onion in a pot of boiling water – they spread like butter!

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