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Food + Cooking workshops for 3-6 year olds!

10 Jul
Butter Beans is happy to announce July Food & Cooking workshops for kids 3-6 years old with their parents July 18-29th. Classes will be held at 9:30am to 11:30 am and at 2:30pm to 4:30 pm, and will be held at the Commons Brooklyn at 388 Atlantic Avenue between Hoyt and Bond, on the second floor. There are five different classes(one for each day of the week) and you can sign up for as many or few classes as you like. Each class is packed with fun activities you can repeat at home, and you leave the class with something your child made to take home and share with the family. Classes cost $25 plus a materials fee. Classes are limited to 6 kids and their parents for a more intimate experience. EmailFelicia@ButterBeansKitchen.com to register.
*if you are not able to join your child, you are welcome to drop them off and pick them up at the end of the workshop.

Monday July 18 + July 25
9:30- 11am and 2:30 – 4pm
Sprouting and planting
$8 material fee
Did you know that you can eat beans without cooking them? You can if you sprout them! Sprouting not only enhances mineral and vitamin content of beans and makes them more digestible – they also amaze young minds as they quickly multiply into abundant snacks. Come taste several different types of sprouts, learn how to make them yourself and go home with a great sprouting jar with sprouts to care for and enjoy all week long. We will also plant a flower or herb for your windowsill, to enjoy the different reasons and means of sprouting.

Tuesday July 19 + July 26th
9:30- 11:30am and 2:30 – 4:30pm
Berry jammin!
$8 material fee
It’s summer! Berries are abundant which makes for a great jammin’ time! Come learn how to make jam, make your own jam brand label (for the jam you’ll take home) and spread it over delicious bread we’ll make together.
Wednesday July 20 + July 27th
9:30-11am and 2:30-4pm
Cheese and bread delight
$8 material fee

Did you know you can make your own cheese at home? Come to make great paneer cheese, and enjoy with home-made quick bread and jam (we won’t be making jam in this class). We will learn about cows and how they turn the grass they eat into wonderful milk for us!

Thursday July 21+ July 28th
9:30-11:30 and 2:30-4:30pm
Pickle me pink
$10 material fee

There is so much more to pickles than the delicious dill you get with your burger. Come learn how to turn your abundance of summer staples like carrots and string beans, cucumbers and watermelon rind into delectable pickles your kids will be proud to share and eat! You will go home with 2 different jars of pickles.

Friday July 22 + July 29th
9:30-11am and 2:30-4pm
Rainbow magic Tie dye!
$10 material fee

Explore the primary colors and how they create a rainbow. Go on a rainbow garden scavenger hunt, eat snacks that cover the spectrum and make our own tie dye bandanas!

Food & Garden VISION

19 Mar

We at Butter Beans believe that we are at a critical juncture in the world of food. There is inspiring progress with urban gardens, farms, CSA’s, and a major expansion of farmers markets across urban areas and agricultural regions. That being said, we are still far from a sustainable, local food network. We have great need for young farmers; the average age is 57 and rising. This generation of kids, we believe, can play an essential role in reconnecting our country with its food and the culture behind it. Kids are our future farmers, future food policy makers, future chefs, community leaders, and home dinner makers. We know that food and farming can be incredibly fun and exciting for kids, and can help them make better, more informed and more adventurous food choices going forward into adulthood. Seeing firsthand the work that goes into growing the carrot they eat, or how much effort goes into simply composting and making the soil rich to grow the apples or pears that they love will, we believe, help them better connect with the food on their plates.

Next week we launch our Garden & Food Program, where students will learn through experience, and have fun meeting farmers, buying local food, making their own ice cream, pickles, jam and jelly, and more.

Kids see and appreciate how much better things taste when you make them yourself and know exactly what you put into them. We can help change the future of food in America with our kids, and have a great time doing so. Contact Felicia@Butterbeanskitchen.com if you are interested in more info.

We’ll be blogging about our city food adventures, and sharing our recipes here next week.

how do you like your carrots?

9 Mar

An important part of our seasonal food classes that we offer schools, involves tasting. In our study of carrots in science this week, students got to taste carrots cut into match sticks and sautéed until curly, carrots cut into french fry sticks, sprinkled with sea salt and baked, carrots steamed and tossed with a touch of maple syrup and then carrots grated and topped with a touch of lemon juice.  Students described their experience, laughed with surprise and then voted on their favorite – not an easy task.

The winner?

The easiest of all to prepare – grated carrots with lemon!

So the next time  you are pulling together a meal with little time, pull out the grater and lemon – “it’s fresh sweetness!”

carrots are good for our eyes!

8 Mar

Today in science class, we learned all about carrots. Collectively we have done a great job at teaching our children that carrots are great for our eyes, they were all eager tho share their knowledge. So today, we each took a slice, and looked into each other’s eyes and discovered that not only are carrots good for our eyes, but they look like our eyes!