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whimsical whipped cream

20 Jun

Want to elevate your everyday strawberry experience? Whip up some homemade whipped cream! Start with organic whipping cream, then pull out your manual mixer, or your whisk and put your kid(s) to whisk! Turn on some music, and while your child(ren) are whipping, prep dinner while they prep dessert. First some bubbles will form, and eventually you will get peaks, and perfect cream. As you go, add a small amount of maple syrup for a touch of sweetness, and serve with your ready-to-dip berries. Yum!

so excited for strawberry picking!

10 May

Before you know it, it will be strawberry picking time. Envision your baskets filled with sweet and tart berries, waiting to be gobbled up en masse, yum! Since our winter here was a mild one, it looks like strawberries will ripen earlier than usual, so be on the look out for these ruby delights at your local farmers market.

Besides the fact that strawberries are incredible delicious, they are incredibly good for you too! Like ruby red beets, they are packed with vitamin C and are great for cleaning our blood, keeping our heart healthy, and our eyes strong.

Check out our class berry jammin’ class that we taught last summer. We can’t wait to make berry jam with our campers this coming July + August, and look forward to watching their excitement when they open up their jars and spread their creation on some freshly made bread!

For those living in the NYC area, check out this site which will help you plan your strawberry picking outing with your family. There is nothing better than a day spent in the fresh air, harvesting nutritious berries and bringing them back home to make lots of fun recipes (pick up strawberries favorite companion, rhubarb on the way too). Happy berry picking to all!