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reflections from a parent, post camp

19 Jul
Camp was fun for all of us involved over the past two weeks. And being fun, when talking about summer camp – is really what it’s all about. But when the experience goes deeper, and integrates into the life of  a child, it becomes so much more. We have had really positive feedback so far about our camp experience from parents, and this one sent from Alison, Rita’s mom, touched me enough to share. Thank you Alison for letting us spend such great time with Rita – she’s awesome!
I had a feeling that [my daughter] Rita would enjoy your camp but after the last two weeks I have to say that I am blown away by the passion you have instilled and unleashed in her for all things food, nature, community, environment and yes, even love related. It has been amazing to see how she integrated each day’s discoveries into a continued investigation on her own… which one day led to an exploding glass jar (yes, beans do expand with water – a lot). I have not been able to get her out of the kitchen since she started. As soon as I turn around, a new home-made creation is being concocted…pickles (actually pickled everything), salads, greens, cheese, bean sprouts, jam, potato chips!, pesto…  and they are all fabulously delectable. Last night I found her lowering a batch of her home-made cheese in a basket on a string over the fence to share with our neighbors — and of course also sharing the recipe. Today she taught me the proper way to pick basil so “the plant is happy and wants to grow more basil”. She also has developed a “chef’s” sensitivity for flavorings… she takes a dash of this herb and a smidgen of that, a pinch of salt and sprinkles it into her creation with a self-confident flourish. She measures but she also intuits… I look forward to seeing where this newfound fervor and these life lessons will take her — and us. I ask her what other camp she’d like to try, “None, only Butter Beans! Again and again! (And you don’t have to make me lunch!)” is her reply.
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