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Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

Wishing you love and friendship today and everyday!

Want to make your own beet prints?

Take a bunch of beets, scrub them well, cut off the ends and slice them into half-inch slices. Then, carefully, cut each slice into the shape of a heart or any other favorite shape.  Keep one or two slices out for print making, and put the rest aside to cook. Your freshly cut beet shapes are ready for printing immediately. If you make many stamps and your ink runs dry, just dip the beet stamp in a bit of water for 10 seconds, and print on!

“Love at Mast”

10 Feb

6051371199_cc34151e60It’s almost valentine’s day! Have you sorted out the special gift for your sweetie yet? Or made plans to spend the evening sipping wine with sliced apples and fabulous cheese and chocolate? Either way, check out these delicious chocolate-infused cheese wheels from Murray’s and Mast brothers.  We visit both of those local purveyors during our Food & Garden Summer Camp (read about it here) so we trust that they wouldn’t serve up anything but deliciousness!  The cheese, available in stores today, is made in Murray’s cheese caves, which our campers love to explore.  They even get to experience a plateful of taste tests!

Almost as good as this chocolate-cheesy concoction? The adorable card, “Let’s grow mold together.”

Cheers to you and yours.

Photo courtesy of Brook Butler

Valentine heart beets

10 Feb

Celebrate Valentines day – by celebrating your heart! Beets are great for your heart (they are blood builders) and make everything beautiful pink and red – appropriate for the occasion. Grate them into salads, dice them and cook with your rice for pink rice, or chop them, drizzle in olive oil and top with rosemary and sea salt and roast until tender. Check out this Mama’s recipe for heart beet cookies. Have you ever made beet heart stamps? We are going to try…